Jessica Lauren Gabarron has been enchanted with the written word from the moment she first learned how to write a complete sentence in school. She rushed home that day, excited, her imagination whirling, and penciled her first story, about a unicorn. The world of fiction has been an integral part of her life since, delighting her imagination through shelves and shelves of novels, and hundreds of movies.

Jessica has lived in many states in the USA, and most recently, has called Colorado her home for the last ten years. During the day, she works with the Loan Department in a bank, but she spends her nights dabbling in more fun hobbies and crafts. Her pas

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sion for writing is primarily geared toward novels and short stories, but she plans to also try her hand at writing screenplays in the future. When her fingers aren’t busy flying over the keys of her laptop, Jessica is also a licensed massage therapist with ambitions to work as a sports massage and spend free time working with cancer patients.

Jessica can be found in several places on the internet, including the Sidekicks anthology, Adventures in Zookeeping anthology, Domesticated Velociraptors anthology, and Shatter Your Image anthology, all listed on Amazon. There are also links to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.